[Week 26: Inspired by a Pattern] Grapey Goodness

Inspired by a pattern! Well, this is actually just a total excuse to use my first wrap from the new catalogue 😛 I have been dying to get this one on my nails since seeing it in previews!

But first, my last ‘inspired by a pattern’ mani, this is one of my favourite patterns ever. I have done quite a few mani’s with this simplistic dotted pattern, but it takes forever trying to get everything lined up, and keeping the dots a uniformed size… OCD nightmare 😦

w 26 old

But this ❤ this was super easy and I am totally in love with how simple yet stunning this is:


The minute I saw ‘Grapevine‘ in the preview of the catalogue I knew it was a must to my collection! The ombre purple stripes are so pretty! It pairs so perfectly with ‘Fizzy Grape‘ it is such a pretty purple mani! I couldn’t resist a cheesy grape related pun, so one more photo of this mani 😉


Hope you all have a great week 🙂 to see Jamberrys new releases, click HERE


[Week 24: Inspired by a Book] The Rainbow Fish

This is my nostalgic week… Last time I couldn’t go past a classic Harry Potter inspired mani 🙂

w 24 old

But this week, I am heading back to preschool 😉 it’s art time! When I first saw ‘Shinning Personality’ I instantly thought of the Rainbow Fish and the shinny little scales!


For this mani, I have used ‘Mermaid Tales’ for my base wrap, a cute scaly ombre from purple to a bluey green shade. I have overlaid ‘Shinning Personality’ on top of ‘Mermaid Tales’ to get the Rainbow Fish effect 🙂

As an accent nail, I have been inspired by a mani I saw on facebook which was stunning, and the colour combos just match the Rainbow Fish theme! As a base wrap, I have used the StyleBox Exclusive which was a part of the time capsule a few months ago called ‘Behind the Design Ombre’ which is this gorgeous ombre from silver through to a bluey/purple. I have overlaid a clear wrap called ‘Metallic Silver Stripe’

I am actually really in love with this mani! I had a lot of fun with my mini ‘arts and craft’ class and I am ready for nap time 😛

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[Week 19: Galaxies] When you wish upon on a star!

Last week, it was over the moon, this week I am wishing on the stars! Let’s hope those wishes can come true! 😉

I was actually super proud of my previous galaxy nails! Only problem, they took about 3-4 hours for me to complete them :S but it was worth it right?!?!

w 19 old

This weeks wrap is a retired wrap from the 2016 Mother’s Day sets, it is called “Fine Lines” and I have been dying to see what this wrap looks like on! Definitely looks amazing in natural light and shows off all the colours in this gorgeous exclusive! Galaxy inspired nails in all of, ahh, 40 minutes? That because I am a perfectionist and did 2 sets of TruShine Gel 😛

w 19

Have a look HERE to see other cute, quick and easy manis you can do at home! I am pretty excited to have the compliments keep rolling in this week! Have a great week guys xx

[Week 10: Gradient] Bye bye Autumn!

Well, we have been hit with some pretty intense winter storms, its pretty clear that Autumn is over! So this weeks gradient is such a pretty deep burgundy!

I had an exam today which I felt was a COMPLETE flop, so I was so excited to get home and find some of Jamberry’s Style Box wraps, including these two pretties! You’re a Gem Foilage & You’re Gem Ombre from the October 2015 Feminine Style Box!

I’ve never been great at gradients… Have a look at my 2012 attempt… Clear to say… Not great!


And now:


You’re a Gem Foilage has a glossy finish while You’re a Gem Ombre has a luster finish, so to match them, I have put the matte top coat over foilage 🙂

To have a look at the other no fail, perfect gradients from Jamberry, click HERE.

I love these no fail gradients! There are a few other perfect gradients that Jamberry have – picking which one was the hardest part :p but this week is kind of exciting, I am 1/3 of the way through my challenge today & pretty excited for the next 10 weeks of patterns! Hope you are all well & surviving these storms xx

[Week 8: Metallic] April Showers, May Flowers!

They say April Showers bring May flowers… well they delivered some beautiful flowers this month! Metallic! I was tossing up between 2 wraps this week but decided to go with this months sister style ‘Floral Fusion’ (it actually looks way prettier in person!)


In the picture from Jamberry, the wrap looks a lot more pink than in real life (sorry if that disappoints some) I know I was a little surprised when I first saw the wrap, but now that it is on, I love it! As with every Sister Style, this is only available until the end of the month!

30W Metallic 2

To purchase this months style, click HERE or to look around at some of the other styles featured here! Hope you all have a great week! 🙂