[Week 28: Inspired by a Flag] London’s Calling!

This is quite a personal mani this week ❤ when I did this mani the first time, I just tried to do an easy flag and just been given a free sample of a 3-free nail polish by London Butter… so naturally, I did the UK flag:

w 28 old

Little did I know, that a few months later I would be called on a mission to England! I loved my 18 months there, so this mani totally takes me back ❤


I have created a mixed mani inspired by England! I couldn’t go past using ‘United Kingdom’ which is of course a classic UK flag. Then I have added ‘London Double’ a cute double decker and big ben pattern ❤ which I finished off with a few random accent nails of ‘Candy Apple’ gel!

I hope you all have a great week! Jamberry is currently in 5 countries and growing, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Mexico! To have a look at what designs available online, click HERE!



[Week 14: Flowers] Smelling (or looking at) Roses

Our family has a saying, ‘smelling roses’ which typically means just going on spontaneous adventures during road trips, like deciding to drive down random roads to see sunsets over a dam, or even to just see where it goes 🙂 I feel like I am in need of an adventure, but I guess I looking at these pretty roses on my nails will have to do this week!

2012 saw me doing a pretty simple blue floral design over a neutral pinkish shade:

w14 old

I have gone for a similar look this week – except, it looks more perfect 😉 with this neutral grey wrap with red and blue roses.

This weeks wrap is from the style box capsule which is exclusively available to Australian and New Zealand markets. I have used the January 2016 Classic Style Box wrap, ‘Vintage Meets Modern Floral’ and I am in love!!! As usual, I have topped this matte wrap with Jamberry’s Trushine Gel system using the base and top coat 🙂

w14 newI just love it! Feels so soft and feminine 🙂

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, love K x

P.s. have a look HERE to see other easy manis you can do at home!


[Week 11: Polka Dot] Crushing on Polka

I have been feeling a bit stressed and flat the last few days :/ so decided it was time for something bright & fun to get rid of those winter blues!

My 2012 attempt of dots wasn’t tooooo bad, I quite liked this pattern:

FullSizeRender 2

This weeks mani is using the April Host Exclusive wrap mixed with Trushine Gel in Crushing on Coral. It makes me feel like I’m going to the circus 🙂


Hope everyone is well! To have a look at other designs available online, click HERE! Have a great week 🙂

[Week 1: Red] Strawberry Kisses!

Typically, I will show you what I did 3 years ago and compare it to todays mani… but as I literally just painted my nails just a plain old run of the mill red… I am going to pass on showing you how much trouble I had painting just my nails (& not my cuticles!)

So I thought I’d be a little more creative this time! This time I have used 2 wraps from Jamberry. The first is call ‘S.W.A.K.’ which is a matte wrap, white with black stripes and a cute little kiss in the corner! This is part of their 2016 Valentines Day Wraps. My second wrap is called ‘With a Kiss’ which is a glossy wrap, white with black polka dots and little kisses all over 🙂

Because both wraps have a different finish, I put the TruShine gel coat on to add extra strength & topped it with the matte finish top coat which gave it a lovely satin look and feel! Here it is:

30W Red

Well, this is where I start! My first Mani Monday of my blog! Next week… Orange!

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