[Week 20: Water Marbled] Green & Gold + Water Marbling tips

Well, uni is well and truly into full swing again! Please excuse poor tidy up as I haven’t got time tonight to do that as well as complete everything else 😦 but this weeks theme is water marble! Being the olympics, who could pass up a green and gold water marble?! Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi! The London 2012 Olympics was what originally got me really starting to play around with nail polish, and its crazy to think 4 years later I am now SO LAZY with my nails!

I am so glad I now have Jamberry wraps which I can quickly slap on and go 🙂

Ladies, this took so much effort compared to normal! 😦 I wish I had the time to do stuff like this all the time but with uni, work and other responsibilities, I literally can not justify the time invested in this anymore! Bring on the Jams!

Anyway… This week I have used Jamberry Trushine Gel to apply a quick base, white (in ‘Porcelain’) and top coat – which I set to make dry time quicker and also prepare for any ‘mishaps’ that happened to easily remove that one nail without having to reapply a base.

When water marbling it is always a good idea to have a white base as the colour disperses in the water 🙂 I tried to do this mani Sunday afternoon and after 3 attempts gave up after continually getting bubbles from the water! So hence the good old gel base has been my time saving life saver! I played around with some colour combinations too, and ‘Zest’ and ‘Tropic’ were my winning colours!

w 20

Top Tips for water marbling from my nail time poor life?
1. using the gel as a base was a L I F E S A V E R – made any designs that came out I didn’t like so much easier to fix
2. warm water! I actually used my Jamberry heater to slightly warm up my water as it came freezing out of the tap – also, filtered water (or bottled)
3. play around with your colours and different ways of drawing patterns – find your style
4. use tape or vaseline to cover as much skin and make clean up that little bit easier!
5. finally, don’t try to water marble on a time scedule! You just end up frustrated and with paint everywhere ahaha

To have a look at Jamberry’s range of lacquers, click HERE!

I hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂


[Week 7: Black & White] Then & Now!

Well, I have had a bit of fun trying to put this mani together… While trying to do the white gel, my budgie decided he wanted to help & was trying really hard to get into my UV lamp… Then, while applying my glitter, I managed to get it over my face because I have a cold at the moment 😦

As I have said before……. I did this as a challenge a few years ago when I was in high school, so I present to you, my previous attempt of black and white!
30DC D07

This week I have used Jamberry’s TruShine Gel in ‘Porcelain’ which is a shimmery white shade. Whites are always hard to get the right texture, and I’m not going to lie & say this was one coat, I used about six really thin coats during this application.

I then used a sponge to apply a second gel called ‘Bachelorette’ which has a pretty slightly greenish glitter. On top of the gel, I have then applied clear matte wrap called ‘Lost Ruins’ if I hadn’t cut my nails last week, would have got a lot more of this textured pattern but hey! It is topped with trushine gel to get that shiny effect from the matte wrap 🙂

30W Black & White

I had a tough time deciding what to do this week. I am much more of a colour girl that black & white but I am still realllllllly happy with how this one turned out 😀 have a great week!

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