[Week 30: Inspired by a Tutorial] It means no worries!

My final week! I have had a lot of fun finding the perfect Jamberry mani to use each week for this challenge 🙂 yes I am a consultant for Jamberry, but honesty, the main reason I have done this is to share how easy it is to get cute manis!

I loved doing this challenge 4 years ago, but I spent hours each day trying to get perfect manis! This round, I have had instant nail art in under an hour! I think in the last 30 weeks I have found my perfect application technique 🙂

This weeks theme is inspired by a tutorial, I was inspired by Cute Polish’s Lion King Tutorial, which you can see here!

w 30 old

Originally, I had planned to create my own tutorial……. but, about a month ago, Jamberry announced their collaboration with Disney had finally got the green lights to bring the “Disney Collection by Jamberry” to Australia and New Zealand, which includes a range of characters, including… THE LION KING! How could I pass up this opportunity to sport ‘Hakuna Matata’


Hakuna Matata definitely needs to be my motto for the next week! With surgery on my toes and preparing for exams next week at uni –  I am need of ‘no worries’ 😛  once exams are done I will do that tutorial I was planning to do and a wrap up of this challenge 🙂

To see the Disney Collection by Jamberry click HERE!


[Week 21: Inspired by a Colour] Rose Quartz Meets Serenity

Inspired by a colour? Well, that decision was pretty easy! This years Pantone colour of the year is two tone, first, Rose Quartz which is beautiful soft pink and second, Serenity – a very relaxing blue. Now normally I couldn’t care less about the colour of the year, but these two are very pretty and soft and make for a cute mani!

I have used two wraps, ‘Rose Quartz Getaway’ which is a rose quartz base with a deep blue/sea green leafy pattern, with some accent nails of ‘Serenity Ombre’ which has a subtle gradient from silver to serenity. Initially I wasn’t too keen on the ombre as it is ever so subtle, but it has already grown on me and I love it!

w 21

I actually put this mani together a few days ok and it has been so calming to look at the pretty pastel shades, and the glitter! Perfect for the craziness that is mid semester of uni!

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[Week 12: Stripes] Back to Basics!

Ok, I am totally guilty of getting overly excited about the exclusive wraps Jamberry release… and forget about the amazing wraps in the catalogue and the 5-free nail polish which is free from the five major chemicals that are in most nail polishes. So this week, I am going back to the catalogue to pick out my favourite stripy wrap 🙂


This weeks mani features a mixed wrap called English Garden. It is a glossy, mixed wrap, which has roses all over – half with a striped background, half with a polka dot background. I have just used the striped wraps and paired it with one of Jamberrys lacquers, Cosmic Blue 🙂 I seriously love this mani, it feels so classy and that blue… I am in love!

What I think I love most, is that my stripes are actually straight this time!!! Back in 2012, I could barely paint in straight line, but I gave it a good try 😛

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This week I have just started a new workout program, already in a world of pain but at least my nails look great 😉 hope you all have an amazing week!


[Week 9: Rainbow] Colour Crush

I am totally ready to be back to my bright colours!!! Going to need it to get me through this week of hibernation for exams next week and sudden wintery snap!

I present my, ahh, creative… attempt at rainbow from 2012:
30DC D09

I think my Jamberry attempt is much prettier! This was the March 2016 Sister Style (which is the exclusive wrap of the month) it was called colour crush – or color crush depending on where you live 😉 I love how some of this wrap is glittery, and some of it is glossy! It looks amazing (wish it was a permanent wrap!)

Hope you all have a great week! Have a look HERE to see other cute, quick and easy manis you can do at home 🙂

[Week 8: Metallic] April Showers, May Flowers!

They say April Showers bring May flowers… well they delivered some beautiful flowers this month! Metallic! I was tossing up between 2 wraps this week but decided to go with this months sister style ‘Floral Fusion’ (it actually looks way prettier in person!)


In the picture from Jamberry, the wrap looks a lot more pink than in real life (sorry if that disappoints some) I know I was a little surprised when I first saw the wrap, but now that it is on, I love it! As with every Sister Style, this is only available until the end of the month!

30W Metallic 2

To purchase this months style, click HERE or to look around at some of the other styles featured here! Hope you all have a great week! 🙂