[Week 20: Water Marbled] Green & Gold + Water Marbling tips

Well, uni is well and truly into full swing again! Please excuse poor tidy up as I haven’t got time tonight to do that as well as complete everything else 😦 but this weeks theme is water marble! Being the olympics, who could pass up a green and gold water marble?! Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi! The London 2012 Olympics was what originally got me really starting to play around with nail polish, and its crazy to think 4 years later I am now SO LAZY with my nails!

I am so glad I now have Jamberry wraps which I can quickly slap on and go 🙂

Ladies, this took so much effort compared to normal! 😦 I wish I had the time to do stuff like this all the time but with uni, work and other responsibilities, I literally can not justify the time invested in this anymore! Bring on the Jams!

Anyway… This week I have used Jamberry Trushine Gel to apply a quick base, white (in ‘Porcelain’) and top coat – which I set to make dry time quicker and also prepare for any ‘mishaps’ that happened to easily remove that one nail without having to reapply a base.

When water marbling it is always a good idea to have a white base as the colour disperses in the water 🙂 I tried to do this mani Sunday afternoon and after 3 attempts gave up after continually getting bubbles from the water! So hence the good old gel base has been my time saving life saver! I played around with some colour combinations too, and ‘Zest’ and ‘Tropic’ were my winning colours!

w 20

Top Tips for water marbling from my nail time poor life?
1. using the gel as a base was a L I F E S A V E R – made any designs that came out I didn’t like so much easier to fix
2. warm water! I actually used my Jamberry heater to slightly warm up my water as it came freezing out of the tap – also, filtered water (or bottled)
3. play around with your colours and different ways of drawing patterns – find your style
4. use tape or vaseline to cover as much skin and make clean up that little bit easier!
5. finally, don’t try to water marble on a time scedule! You just end up frustrated and with paint everywhere ahaha

To have a look at Jamberry’s range of lacquers, click HERE!

I hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂


[Week 16: Tribal Print] Guacamole!

Ok, Tribal Print is personally not really my style, I am more of a soft feminine, classy nails kind of girl, but Jamberry makes something for everyone 🙂

I wasn’t a fan of tribal print when I did it last time:

w 15 old

Tribal print looks much better this time round 😉 I have used a retired wrap I got in my starter kit! It is called ‘Guacamole’ which, honestly, I  wasn’t completely feeling it until I added this months colour pop lacquer, ‘Purple Reign’ 🙂


Each month Jamberry are releasing an exclusive colour of the month lacquer or gel! To see this months, click HERE! Hope you all have a great week! K x

[Week 13: Animal Print] Shake It Off Round 2

This isn’t the first time I have done this mani, but… it was time to do it again, and the bonus, I still have another full mani out of this sheet!

This week I have used a glossy wrap called “Shake Your Tail Feather” which is a cute white wrap with a peacock feather pattern. For accent nails I added Jamberry Lacquer in Amazon, followed by Trushine Gel Base, 3 coats of Splash and Top Coat.

w13 new

My first attempt of animal print was a leopard print mani, Jamberry do also offer a leopard print, crocodile, butterfly and my close second, giraffe print, they can be found under the Animal Instincts category 🙂

w13 old
My 2012 Freehand Animal Print

I just want to show you how you can get 2-3 mani’s out of one sheet!

w13 March
First application of Shake Your Tail Feather a few months ago

My first application used the left hand side, this week I used the wraps on the right, and I still have enough to do another mani with an accent nail 🙂 hopefully this helps to show how you get a few mani’s out of one sheet!

w13 resource
How to use a sheet of Jamberry!

[Week 12: Stripes] Back to Basics!

Ok, I am totally guilty of getting overly excited about the exclusive wraps Jamberry release… and forget about the amazing wraps in the catalogue and the 5-free nail polish which is free from the five major chemicals that are in most nail polishes. So this week, I am going back to the catalogue to pick out my favourite stripy wrap 🙂


This weeks mani features a mixed wrap called English Garden. It is a glossy, mixed wrap, which has roses all over – half with a striped background, half with a polka dot background. I have just used the striped wraps and paired it with one of Jamberrys lacquers, Cosmic Blue 🙂 I seriously love this mani, it feels so classy and that blue… I am in love!

What I think I love most, is that my stripes are actually straight this time!!! Back in 2012, I could barely paint in straight line, but I gave it a good try 😛

Have a look HERE to see other cute, quick and easy manis you can do at home!


This week I have just started a new workout program, already in a world of pain but at least my nails look great 😉 hope you all have an amazing week!