[Week 24: Inspired by a Book] The Rainbow Fish

This is my nostalgic week… Last time I couldn’t go past a classic Harry Potter inspired mani 🙂

w 24 old

But this week, I am heading back to preschool 😉 it’s art time! When I first saw ‘Shinning Personality’ I instantly thought of the Rainbow Fish and the shinny little scales!


For this mani, I have used ‘Mermaid Tales’ for my base wrap, a cute scaly ombre from purple to a bluey green shade. I have overlaid ‘Shinning Personality’ on top of ‘Mermaid Tales’ to get the Rainbow Fish effect 🙂

As an accent nail, I have been inspired by a mani I saw on facebook which was stunning, and the colour combos just match the Rainbow Fish theme! As a base wrap, I have used the StyleBox Exclusive which was a part of the time capsule a few months ago called ‘Behind the Design Ombre’ which is this gorgeous ombre from silver through to a bluey/purple. I have overlaid a clear wrap called ‘Metallic Silver Stripe’

I am actually really in love with this mani! I had a lot of fun with my mini ‘arts and craft’ class and I am ready for nap time 😛

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[Week 13: Animal Print] Shake It Off Round 2

This isn’t the first time I have done this mani, but… it was time to do it again, and the bonus, I still have another full mani out of this sheet!

This week I have used a glossy wrap called “Shake Your Tail Feather” which is a cute white wrap with a peacock feather pattern. For accent nails I added Jamberry Lacquer in Amazon, followed by Trushine Gel Base, 3 coats of Splash and Top Coat.

w13 new

My first attempt of animal print was a leopard print mani, Jamberry do also offer a leopard print, crocodile, butterfly and my close second, giraffe print, they can be found under the Animal Instincts category 🙂

w13 old
My 2012 Freehand Animal Print

I just want to show you how you can get 2-3 mani’s out of one sheet!

w13 March
First application of Shake Your Tail Feather a few months ago

My first application used the left hand side, this week I used the wraps on the right, and I still have enough to do another mani with an accent nail 🙂 hopefully this helps to show how you get a few mani’s out of one sheet!

w13 resource
How to use a sheet of Jamberry!

[Week 11: Polka Dot] Crushing on Polka

I have been feeling a bit stressed and flat the last few days :/ so decided it was time for something bright & fun to get rid of those winter blues!

My 2012 attempt of dots wasn’t tooooo bad, I quite liked this pattern:

FullSizeRender 2

This weeks mani is using the April Host Exclusive wrap mixed with Trushine Gel in Crushing on Coral. It makes me feel like I’m going to the circus 🙂


Hope everyone is well! To have a look at other designs available online, click HERE! Have a great week 🙂

[Week 9: Rainbow] Colour Crush

I am totally ready to be back to my bright colours!!! Going to need it to get me through this week of hibernation for exams next week and sudden wintery snap!

I present my, ahh, creative… attempt at rainbow from 2012:
30DC D09

I think my Jamberry attempt is much prettier! This was the March 2016 Sister Style (which is the exclusive wrap of the month) it was called colour crush – or color crush depending on where you live 😉 I love how some of this wrap is glittery, and some of it is glossy! It looks amazing (wish it was a permanent wrap!)

Hope you all have a great week! Have a look HERE to see other cute, quick and easy manis you can do at home 🙂

[Week 4: Green] I just want to travel!

I was skyping one of my best friends from America yesterday and next thing you know, I am -tentatively- planning a trip to America to see her and some of my other friends! Needless to say, I want to just drive to the airport and jump on the next plane out of here! But the only thing flying right now is the money out of my wallet 😦 thank goodness for buy 3, get 1 free with Jamberry!

This mani features this months sister style wrap called ‘Wanderlust’ which I have loved since the minute I saw it! It has a matte finish, with a map of the world as a background. I got a new trushine gel colour this week called ‘Scavenger Hunt’ which is this beautiful green that I have used as an accent.


I have put the trushine gel over the top of the wraps as well, yet to decide if I am going to put a matte top coat on but might mix it up mid week!

30W Green 2

If you want to get your hands on these wraps, and these wraps on your nails, contact me today or click HERE to order as they are only around for the rest of this week! 🙂