[Week 13: Animal Print] Shake It Off Round 2

This isn’t the first time I have done this mani, but… it was time to do it again, and the bonus, I still have another full mani out of this sheet!

This week I have used a glossy wrap called “Shake Your Tail Feather” which is a cute white wrap with a peacock feather pattern. For accent nails I added Jamberry Lacquer in Amazon, followed by Trushine Gel Base, 3 coats of Splash and Top Coat.

w13 new

My first attempt of animal print was a leopard print mani, Jamberry do also offer a leopard print, crocodile, butterfly and my close second, giraffe print, they can be found under the Animal Instincts category 🙂

w13 old
My 2012 Freehand Animal Print

I just want to show you how you can get 2-3 mani’s out of one sheet!

w13 March
First application of Shake Your Tail Feather a few months ago

My first application used the left hand side, this week I used the wraps on the right, and I still have enough to do another mani with an accent nail 🙂 hopefully this helps to show how you get a few mani’s out of one sheet!

w13 resource
How to use a sheet of Jamberry!


[Week 9: Rainbow] Colour Crush

I am totally ready to be back to my bright colours!!! Going to need it to get me through this week of hibernation for exams next week and sudden wintery snap!

I present my, ahh, creative… attempt at rainbow from 2012:
30DC D09

I think my Jamberry attempt is much prettier! This was the March 2016 Sister Style (which is the exclusive wrap of the month) it was called colour crush – or color crush depending on where you live 😉 I love how some of this wrap is glittery, and some of it is glossy! It looks amazing (wish it was a permanent wrap!)

Hope you all have a great week! Have a look HERE to see other cute, quick and easy manis you can do at home 🙂

[Week 7: Black & White] Then & Now!

Well, I have had a bit of fun trying to put this mani together… While trying to do the white gel, my budgie decided he wanted to help & was trying really hard to get into my UV lamp… Then, while applying my glitter, I managed to get it over my face because I have a cold at the moment 😦

As I have said before……. I did this as a challenge a few years ago when I was in high school, so I present to you, my previous attempt of black and white!
30DC D07

This week I have used Jamberry’s TruShine Gel in ‘Porcelain’ which is a shimmery white shade. Whites are always hard to get the right texture, and I’m not going to lie & say this was one coat, I used about six really thin coats during this application.

I then used a sponge to apply a second gel called ‘Bachelorette’ which has a pretty slightly greenish glitter. On top of the gel, I have then applied clear matte wrap called ‘Lost Ruins’ if I hadn’t cut my nails last week, would have got a lot more of this textured pattern but hey! It is topped with trushine gel to get that shiny effect from the matte wrap 🙂

30W Black & White

I had a tough time deciding what to do this week. I am much more of a colour girl that black & white but I am still realllllllly happy with how this one turned out 😀 have a great week!

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