[Week 14: Flowers] Smelling (or looking at) Roses

Our family has a saying, ‘smelling roses’ which typically means just going on spontaneous adventures during road trips, like deciding to drive down random roads to see sunsets over a dam, or even to just see where it goes 🙂 I feel like I am in need of an adventure, but I guess I looking at these pretty roses on my nails will have to do this week!

2012 saw me doing a pretty simple blue floral design over a neutral pinkish shade:

w14 old

I have gone for a similar look this week – except, it looks more perfect 😉 with this neutral grey wrap with red and blue roses.

This weeks wrap is from the style box capsule which is exclusively available to Australian and New Zealand markets. I have used the January 2016 Classic Style Box wrap, ‘Vintage Meets Modern Floral’ and I am in love!!! As usual, I have topped this matte wrap with Jamberry’s Trushine Gel system using the base and top coat 🙂

w14 newI just love it! Feels so soft and feminine 🙂

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, love K x

P.s. have a look HERE to see other easy manis you can do at home!



[Week 12: Stripes] Back to Basics!

Ok, I am totally guilty of getting overly excited about the exclusive wraps Jamberry release… and forget about the amazing wraps in the catalogue and the 5-free nail polish which is free from the five major chemicals that are in most nail polishes. So this week, I am going back to the catalogue to pick out my favourite stripy wrap 🙂


This weeks mani features a mixed wrap called English Garden. It is a glossy, mixed wrap, which has roses all over – half with a striped background, half with a polka dot background. I have just used the striped wraps and paired it with one of Jamberrys lacquers, Cosmic Blue 🙂 I seriously love this mani, it feels so classy and that blue… I am in love!

What I think I love most, is that my stripes are actually straight this time!!! Back in 2012, I could barely paint in straight line, but I gave it a good try 😛

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This week I have just started a new workout program, already in a world of pain but at least my nails look great 😉 hope you all have an amazing week!


[Week 8: Metallic] April Showers, May Flowers!

They say April Showers bring May flowers… well they delivered some beautiful flowers this month! Metallic! I was tossing up between 2 wraps this week but decided to go with this months sister style ‘Floral Fusion’ (it actually looks way prettier in person!)


In the picture from Jamberry, the wrap looks a lot more pink than in real life (sorry if that disappoints some) I know I was a little surprised when I first saw the wrap, but now that it is on, I love it! As with every Sister Style, this is only available until the end of the month!

30W Metallic 2

To purchase this months style, click HERE or to look around at some of the other styles featured here! Hope you all have a great week! 🙂

[Week 5: Blue] Blissful Serenity

I am not going to lie! I loved doing my nails before this blog, but I am really loving that hour every week that I get to spend doing my nails. It is reminding me of the importance of having a little ‘me time’ every week 🙂

This weeks mani features two wraps, first wrap is called ‘botanical bliss’ which is a mothers day exclusive from the gift pack ‘the two of us’ and has a beautiful blue floral. Second wrap is called ‘serenity stripe’ which is a pretty pale blue using this years colour of the year. Both have a glossy finish 🙂

30W Blue

I had a hard time picking which wrap I was going to use this week. ‘The two of us’ has 3 beautiful florals which I really had a hard time picking between this week 😛 so naturally, I got my mother to help me pick! Thanks MUM!

If you are interested in getting your hands on this mothers day pack, click HERE or contact me soon as supplies are starting to get limited! Until next week, I hope you all have a wonderful week, especially remember to spoil your mum! I know I am definitely grateful for my beautiful mum 😀

[Week 3: Yellow] Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow!

I promised myself two things this morning… 1. I would not sleep until I finished my uni assignment… 2. I would not Jam until I finished my uni assignment! I think number two was the hardest… I have just wanted to put pretty new nails on 😛

Yellow typically isn’t a colour that suits my skin tone but I think I may have made it work this week 🙂 I have loved this combo ever since I saw it on Instagram. It makes me feel so happy & summery! Plus with the amount of uni work to do this week, I am going to need a little sunshine!

This mani features two different Jamberry wraps. The first is a retired wrap called ‘Sunny Lotus’ which has a glossy finish wrap, with a bright yellow base & white lotus pattern over the top. The second is a current wrap called ‘Simply Daisy’ another glossy, black wrap with a cute little daisy pattern all over!

30W Yellow

See, Sunshine! Daisies! Maybe no butter, and no stupid fat rats turning YELLOW! But hey, bring it on on yellow week! To look at our other yellow wraps and lacquers, click HERE!