I love to travel, seeing how others live helps keep you grateful & humble 🙂 I spent 18 months in England serving a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Now I am home to finish my university degree while working and selling Jamberry on the side!

I have a sister with Down’s syndrome who has taught me not to judge a book by its cover & enjoys coming on little adventures with me!

In our family we have birds who think that they are little people! The budgie, Ollie, is by far the cheekiest and I’m sure you will here stories about him here!

I needed to find a new hobby. Everyone has there “thing.” That thing that makes them tick. I have always enjoyed painting my nails, to just relax, and take the time to paint was always something I loved, the “what’s on your nails this week?!”

I feel like as we grow older, we take on more responsibilities & end up leaving behind those things that made us happy. I know I did. Yes… It sounds like I’m having a mid life crisis at 23 😛 but I no longer took that time to do something I used to love.

I had the idea of recreating a challenge I did in high school where I changed my nails EVERY DAY for 30 days straight! But, this time, it’s a 30 week challenge (that whole time constraint thing…) which is what kind of inspired me to start this blog & we will see where it goes 🙂