[Week 29: Inspired by the Supernatural]

So, I wrote this on Monday night after madly finishing a uni assignment and working that afternoon, but apparently hitting post was what I forgot! 😛


It’s a little early, but halloween is around the corner and its time for Jamberry’s halloween range! Bit of a quick blog post this week, building up to exam weeks and I have got to study for psychology and neuroanatomy!

I am definitely prefer a more feminine a classy mani, and ‘inspired by the supernatural’ is not really my normal style, so last time, I simply painted my nails with a glow in the dark polish, somewhat supernatural I guess…

w 29 old

This time, I have gone with an anatomy inspired halloween wrap, called ‘Dem Bones‘ which is a mixed wrap, with a black base and white skeleton (as seen below) and a clear wrap with webbed pattern! I have matched it with last months host exclusive 🙂 if only these skull could help me understand how the human brain works and remember every single square cm of it!


To have a look at the other halloween and holiday wraps, you can see them HERE


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