[Week 26: Inspired by a Pattern] Grapey Goodness

Inspired by a pattern! Well, this is actually just a total excuse to use my first wrap from the new catalogue 😛 I have been dying to get this one on my nails since seeing it in previews!

But first, my last ‘inspired by a pattern’ mani, this is one of my favourite patterns ever. I have done quite a few mani’s with this simplistic dotted pattern, but it takes forever trying to get everything lined up, and keeping the dots a uniformed size… OCD nightmare 😦

w 26 old

But this ❤ this was super easy and I am totally in love with how simple yet stunning this is:


The minute I saw ‘Grapevine‘ in the preview of the catalogue I knew it was a must to my collection! The ombre purple stripes are so pretty! It pairs so perfectly with ‘Fizzy Grape‘ it is such a pretty purple mani! I couldn’t resist a cheesy grape related pun, so one more photo of this mani 😉


Hope you all have a great week 🙂 to see Jamberrys new releases, click HERE


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