[Week 21: Inspired by a Colour] Rose Quartz Meets Serenity

Inspired by a colour? Well, that decision was pretty easy! This years Pantone colour of the year is two tone, first, Rose Quartz which is beautiful soft pink and second, Serenity – a very relaxing blue. Now normally I couldn’t care less about the colour of the year, but these two are very pretty and soft and make for a cute mani!

I have used two wraps, ‘Rose Quartz Getaway’ which is a rose quartz base with a deep blue/sea green leafy pattern, with some accent nails of ‘Serenity Ombre’ which has a subtle gradient from silver to serenity. Initially I wasn’t too keen on the ombre as it is ever so subtle, but it has already grown on me and I love it!

w 21

I actually put this mani together a few days ok and it has been so calming to look at the pretty pastel shades, and the glitter! Perfect for the craziness that is mid semester of uni!

Have a look HERE to see other cute, quick and easy manis you can do at home!


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