[Week 18: Half Moons] Over the Moon!

RIP! A unicorn has died! In Jamberry land, unicorns are a real thing! They are a retired wrap which you love but is hard to find & today I killed one of my unicorns “Over the Moon”

“Over the Moon” is a pretty half moon style wrap which is a beige with a gold moon. I love this wrap, really wish it didn’t retire just before Jamberry came to Australia! I have also used a simple gold accent nail with the wrap called “Gold Sparkle” it feel so simple but pretty which I am loving!

w 18

Also, last time I tried to do half moons, it looked shocking! I tried using the stickers off ebay to do it, and I just remember having a gluggy mess, using a simple wrap definitely helped!

w 18 old

Tomorrow we get to find out which wraps will be retiring next month to make way for new designs and I am hoping we have some more half moons in the new catalogue 😉

To get your hands on these, and other wraps, click HERE!


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