[Week 17: Glitter] Sweet 16

Sweet 16 is my theme for 2016 🙂 so naturally, I had to use Trushine Gel in Sweet 16 for my glitter week!

This week is an all gel mani! I used Jamberry’s trushine gel kit, using a shade called ‘beauty sleep’ which is so pretty! I am loving the shimmery purple and to really make it glitter, I have done an accent nail with a few coats of ‘sweet 16’ which is a deep purple glitter through a clear gel 🙂 I am not perfect with my gel application yet, but this is probably the best application I have had so far so I am pretty happy!


So, yeah, not going to show you my previous glitter attempt 😛 I look like a toddler who can’t stay within her cuticles!

If gel isn’t your think, Jamberry has a heap of glittery ‘sparkle’ finish wraps! Best part about it? The easy removal! Gone are the days of trying to g e n t l y scrape glitter polish off! To see this pretty glittery wraps, click HERE!

Not going to lie, I am pretty excited for next weeks mani 😉 I have this beautiful half moon wrap which I have been holding onto for a while! In Jamberry world, we call it a unicorn… A retired wrap that is really hard to find so you will have to wait till next week to see it 😉


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