[Week 2: Orange] or is it Peach?

I have to be honest! Today’s mani Monday almost didn’t happen, so I am just going to continue to sip away on my peach and raspberry herbal tea while I type to my little hearts content!

Sorry guys, but orange has to be one of my least favourite colours. When I did this last time, I literally drove to my local beauty store & purchased the cheapest orange nail polish I could find! I was still getting into nails back then, and again… I think I painted more of my cuticles than my nails ๐Ÿ˜›

This weeks mani is from the new Autumn catalogue featuring a wrap called ‘Peaches & Cream’ which is a glossy, mixed mani sheet. Half the sheet has a white polka dot print, while the other half is covered with cute little peaches! I love it!

30W Orange

I pretty much always finish my manis off with Trushine Gel, when you have to wash your hands a hundred times a day at work, it just helps give it that extra durability.

To purchase this gorgeous wrap or trushine gel kit, click HERE.

Hope you all have a wonderful week & next week is yellow! (I have been planning my yellow mani for a long time… It makes me feel so summery :))


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