[Week 1: Red] Strawberry Kisses!

Typically, I will show you what I did 3 years ago and compare it to todays mani… but as I literally just painted my nails just a plain old run of the mill red… I am going to pass on showing you how much trouble I had painting just my nails (& not my cuticles!)

So I thought I’d be a little more creative this time! This time I have used 2 wraps from Jamberry. The first is call ‘S.W.A.K.’ which is a matte wrap, white with black stripes and a cute little kiss in the corner! This is part of their 2016 Valentines Day Wraps. My second wrap is called ‘With a Kiss’ which is a glossy wrap, white with black polka dots and little kisses all over 🙂

Because both wraps have a different finish, I put the TruShine gel coat on to add extra strength & topped it with the matte finish top coat which gave it a lovely satin look and feel! Here it is:

30W Red

Well, this is where I start! My first Mani Monday of my blog! Next week… Orange!

To have a look at other designs available online, click HERE.


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