[Week 30: Inspired by a Tutorial] It means no worries!

My final week! I have had a lot of fun finding the perfect Jamberry mani to use each week for this challenge 🙂 yes I am a consultant for Jamberry, but honesty, the main reason I have done this is to share how easy it is to get cute manis!

I loved doing this challenge 4 years ago, but I spent hours each day trying to get perfect manis! This round, I have had instant nail art in under an hour! I think in the last 30 weeks I have found my perfect application technique 🙂

This weeks theme is inspired by a tutorial, I was inspired by Cute Polish’s Lion King Tutorial, which you can see here!

w 30 old

Originally, I had planned to create my own tutorial……. but, about a month ago, Jamberry announced their collaboration with Disney had finally got the green lights to bring the “Disney Collection by Jamberry” to Australia and New Zealand, which includes a range of characters, including… THE LION KING! How could I pass up this opportunity to sport ‘Hakuna Matata’


Hakuna Matata definitely needs to be my motto for the next week! With surgery on my toes and preparing for exams next week at uni –  I am need of ‘no worries’ 😛  once exams are done I will do that tutorial I was planning to do and a wrap up of this challenge 🙂

To see the Disney Collection by Jamberry click HERE!

[Week 29: Inspired by the Supernatural]

So, I wrote this on Monday night after madly finishing a uni assignment and working that afternoon, but apparently hitting post was what I forgot! 😛


It’s a little early, but halloween is around the corner and its time for Jamberry’s halloween range! Bit of a quick blog post this week, building up to exam weeks and I have got to study for psychology and neuroanatomy!

I am definitely prefer a more feminine a classy mani, and ‘inspired by the supernatural’ is not really my normal style, so last time, I simply painted my nails with a glow in the dark polish, somewhat supernatural I guess…

w 29 old

This time, I have gone with an anatomy inspired halloween wrap, called ‘Dem Bones‘ which is a mixed wrap, with a black base and white skeleton (as seen below) and a clear wrap with webbed pattern! I have matched it with last months host exclusive 🙂 if only these skull could help me understand how the human brain works and remember every single square cm of it!


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[Week 28: Inspired by a Flag] London’s Calling!

This is quite a personal mani this week ❤ when I did this mani the first time, I just tried to do an easy flag and just been given a free sample of a 3-free nail polish by London Butter… so naturally, I did the UK flag:

w 28 old

Little did I know, that a few months later I would be called on a mission to England! I loved my 18 months there, so this mani totally takes me back ❤


I have created a mixed mani inspired by England! I couldn’t go past using ‘United Kingdom’ which is of course a classic UK flag. Then I have added ‘London Double’ a cute double decker and big ben pattern ❤ which I finished off with a few random accent nails of ‘Candy Apple’ gel!

I hope you all have a great week! Jamberry is currently in 5 countries and growing, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Mexico! To have a look at what designs available online, click HERE!


[Week 27: Inspired by Artwork] Starry Night

Inspired by artwork, well, this one took a bit of thinking… obviously, Jamberry aren’t going to just copy other peoples artwork, so I had to be a bit creative this week.

Last time, I tried to reflect Van Gogh’s Starry Night. It was the first painting we had to recreate in high school! I was actually super happy with this one, but it took ALOT of effort!

w 27 old

So, I remembered that last year, Jamberry released a wrap called ‘Starry Night‘ in one of their Christmas sets!


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[Week 26: Inspired by a Pattern] Grapey Goodness

Inspired by a pattern! Well, this is actually just a total excuse to use my first wrap from the new catalogue 😛 I have been dying to get this one on my nails since seeing it in previews!

But first, my last ‘inspired by a pattern’ mani, this is one of my favourite patterns ever. I have done quite a few mani’s with this simplistic dotted pattern, but it takes forever trying to get everything lined up, and keeping the dots a uniformed size… OCD nightmare 😦

w 26 old

But this ❤ this was super easy and I am totally in love with how simple yet stunning this is:


The minute I saw ‘Grapevine‘ in the preview of the catalogue I knew it was a must to my collection! The ombre purple stripes are so pretty! It pairs so perfectly with ‘Fizzy Grape‘ it is such a pretty purple mani! I couldn’t resist a cheesy grape related pun, so one more photo of this mani 😉


Hope you all have a great week 🙂 to see Jamberrys new releases, click HERE

[Week 25: Inspired by Fashion] SoNailicious x Jamberry

Well this weeks post is really late! I did this mani earlier this week, but I haven’t had time to write and post this with uni assignments! But anyway, last time, I just simply painted my nails in an deep green polish – as it was the closest I could get to the Panatone colour of Emerald in 2012… but I have already done this years colour of the year a few weeks ago! So…… I have chosen a wrap from the recently retired ‘SoNailicious x Jamberry’ collection, which was designed in collaboration with an Australian nail artists!

w 25 old

This is a wrap called ‘Geo French Twist’ which is a white base with a black cuticle and a shinny gold stripe. It has a metallic finish which makes the gold really pop! I added an accent of ‘Deco’ which is still available 🙂


Jamberry are continually joining with designers to create cute premium wraps! Have a look HERE to see what the newest collaborations are!

[Week 24: Inspired by a Book] The Rainbow Fish

This is my nostalgic week… Last time I couldn’t go past a classic Harry Potter inspired mani 🙂

w 24 old

But this week, I am heading back to preschool 😉 it’s art time! When I first saw ‘Shinning Personality’ I instantly thought of the Rainbow Fish and the shinny little scales!


For this mani, I have used ‘Mermaid Tales’ for my base wrap, a cute scaly ombre from purple to a bluey green shade. I have overlaid ‘Shinning Personality’ on top of ‘Mermaid Tales’ to get the Rainbow Fish effect 🙂

As an accent nail, I have been inspired by a mani I saw on facebook which was stunning, and the colour combos just match the Rainbow Fish theme! As a base wrap, I have used the StyleBox Exclusive which was a part of the time capsule a few months ago called ‘Behind the Design Ombre’ which is this gorgeous ombre from silver through to a bluey/purple. I have overlaid a clear wrap called ‘Metallic Silver Stripe’

I am actually really in love with this mani! I had a lot of fun with my mini ‘arts and craft’ class and I am ready for nap time 😛

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